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Carwood Refurbishment

The process of woodwork refurbishment when done continuously takes almost a week to perform. When there is a lot of pieces such as in a number of 1960's British cars or when some are worse for wear this can extend to three months or more. So get the woodwork started early.

The pictures at right show some before and after views of typical woodwork as we often receive it the resulting transformation and restoration.

The process often includes

  • Stripping of old lacquer
  • Removal of any damaged wood
  • Repair of damaged and worn woodwork
  • Gluing of any cracks and/or splits
  • Reveneering where required
  • Sanding until completely smooth
  • Lacquering multiple times
  • Sanding between Lacquering
  • Painting of edges and openings
  • Machine and Hand polishing.

A JCCV CAT-A-LOG article on this process will be loaded here soon

Mk2 Dash Wood Before and After

XJ Glovebox Wood